Some days in Potosi

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

On the last day in Bolivia’s capital La Paz, I had a great view from my hostel roof terrace over to the Cordillera Real and one of it’s highest mountains, the Huayna Potosi.

Monday night I took the night bus from La Paz to Potosi. For the ca. 500 kms I did the luxury tourist version (for 11 Euros) and enjoyed a “bus cama = bed bus”, which means big comfy seats that can be reclined so that a 9 hours overnight trip is not too bad. The Bus was well heated but still at the inside of my window there was some ice in the morning, showing that the Alti Plano (Bolivian high land at about 4000 Meters) is really cold at night.

One of the really annoying things here in Bolivia, epsecially in the cities, is the air pollution. Most of the vehicles are buses / mini buses / taxis, and their unfiltered exhaust gases make breathing sometimes really hard, and it stinks. A friend of mine once said that the high standards of environmental protection and pollution control in Germany will be a great advantage for Germany in the long run, and spending some time in a Bolivian city I do very well agree. 


At the moment there is a big fiesta in the honor of the virgin of Guadalupe.

At the nearby small fairground, 3 dozens of “kicker” (table soccer) were set up.


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