Some Polaroids of Potosi

September 10, 2010 § 3 Comments

I have a Fuji rangefinder camera (Fuji GW670 for all photo nerds) and a Mamiya RZ with me, both are 6×7 medium format cameras. Only with the second one I can also take polaroids, but I use the Fuji more often at the moment because it’s just way easier to handle (but at the same time less precisely to work with).

Anyways, here are some polaroids from the last days. I re-photographed them with my small digital camera but the quality is not really good. I hope to improve that with the next polaroid update.

First of all a member of the music group “La Explosion”. I met theses guys just before their rehearsal and asked to take some portraits.

When walking through Potosi today I found the local soccer stadium (“futbol” is big in Bolivia). Next to it they also have a court with 3 large walls where they play “hand pelota” . There I photographed the caretaker of the stadium. Sorry for the bad quality.

Here a snapshot with the digital cam of the court.

Finally I today climbed up Cerro Rico (The rich mountain). This mountain is really famous as the Spanish (starting in the 16th century) mined hugh quantities of silver here, and there are still lots of mines where they mine many different materials. Today I read in the news that they even want to mine uranium there (btw, Iran and Bolvia have a very good diplomatic relationsship now…) In the photograph, you see Bruno and Luis after an 8 hour shift, mining zinc. While taking these photos, dynamite explosions could be heard nearby but they assured me we were safe.



§ 3 Responses to Some Polaroids of Potosi

  • Bruno says:

    While there:

    1. take the mine tour with the company in front of the Casa Nacional de Moneda. It will be an interesting experience. They will also bring you to the miners’ market, where you can buy some dynamite for a couple of euros. It’s legal.

    2. Go to the cemetery. There is the grave of a guy called Feliciano Berno (he’s mummified), and quite a few people flocking to his grave for pilgrimage: cholitas who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. I think it is worth to spend a couple of hours (or more) there and take some snaps. Before going away eat some chicharrones in the shops nearby.

    3. Search for a movie called “el Minero del Diablo”. Very interesting, although it caused some turmoil in the mining community.

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