A moment in between

September 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

When I started this blog 4 weeks ago I had some ideas how this blog could work, what kind of stuff I would post etc. Turned out until now that it’s kind of a travel blog with a lot of snapshots. But beside the superficial “holiday-like” stuff that for sure is interesting I’m working a lot here. Think a lot about how I take pictures, how I can maybe get a little bit closer to this really complex country. (ok, this is now rather a post for all the photography interested readers….)

I love to discuss photography, see and compare different photographers, different approaches, different “styles”. Unfortunately, with limited internet access here and 80 rolls of film that are not developed yet, it’s hard to talk about the pictures themselves.

This blog is meant to be a documentary of me working on my thesis. I do it for the people who support this project because I want to give something back. I do it, because it’s fun! But mostly I think I do it to (later) see the process of my work. I have questions, I have doubts. I know, putting these things online, kind of “live”, is a very open way of doing it, maybe even too open. Contains def some risks. And of course, it’s a little bit exhibitionistic. Anyways, during the last years I read a lot of blogs, interviews with photographers and other creative professionals, and that was not only fun & entertaining, but it also gave some interestig insights in their professional lifes and the way they work and do projects.

Of about 5 weeks in Bolivia 3 weeks have already passed, a little bit less then 2 weeks remain. Until the visit of the lithium plant and the Borax production I photographed almost everyday and travelled quite a lot. But after that I was facing I rather new situation: on the hand I started to realize that I was slowly runnig out of film, so next week I might not be able photograph anymore (no way to get 120 film in Bolivia). But more important, after full-filling sort of a To Do list and visiting all these mines etc, I feel a little bit empty and do not really know how to go on. What is missing, how is this all gonna fit together? Do I need to come back to Bolivia again in January?  All these things I find interesting about the lithium, the mines, the resources Bolivia owns, has this any relevance, for other people? Or is this a totally wrong question, and the only thing that matters is that I myself  find it interesting, and that I find somehow a way to put my feelings and impressions about this topic together?

I know this might sound a little bit pessimistic. But I´m not. I´m just thinking out loud.

I just read a long interview with photographer Alec Soth whose work I like. If you are interested, here it is.



§ 2 Responses to A moment in between

  • Michael - Q says:

    Daniel (or, for insiders “zieho”)
    just thought, I’d give you some short feedback on your last entries and the blog at all.

    First, I really loved following your travel in the past weeks. Was a real highlight in long office days to check for updates. For sure, this was more for the “touristic” aspects of your travel and the – as usual – great pics. But also your topic is really fascinating, at least for someone working in IT industry, and thus – inderectly – depending on this stuff.

    Second, I absolutely understand your feeling of emptieness. Back in the times when I was travelling a lot (you know, what I mean) I often had the same feeling, once all things on your internal to-do list were checked. Even in times, when I was travelling in a group of real friends.
    If you want to hear my way to overcome it: Simply pamper yourself with something special, get away from the road, treat yourself with someting special, a nice hotel, good food, visit a special place, relax. Thats always helped me to re-charge again for the next weeks of travelling (which – for insiders – is not always the fun it looked like).

    All the best, save travels and see you soon in good old Boerfink!
    Michael – aka Quacky

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