The Devils Miner

October 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

By chance I found out that the mine at the Cerro Rico where I spent some time, the Cumbre / Cumbre II, played an important role in the following documentary: 

The Devil’s miner is an interesting and also sad documentary, focussing on the 14 year old Basilio Vargas who has been working in the Cumbre mine since he was 10, and wishes to become a teacher later. As the wages in the Cumbre mine were not very high, he moved on to a bigger mine, so I didn’t meet him. Would be interesting to know if he still works somewhere in the mines or if he could follow his dream and escape the hard work in the mines. Higly recommended.


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  • Bruno says:

    I talked with some miners after seeing this movie, they told me that this kid wasn’t really a miner and that his boss also was a fake. I don’t know if it’s true or if they were lying because of jealousy.

    Another point: they told me that all the miners from Potosì were hoping from some help after the movie was made, but nothing happened. This left a quite bitter taste in their mouth.

    As for the second point: that’s sad.

    I liked the movie a lot, it left me with a grasp on my stomach. The day after seeing it I visited a mine. I spent only 3 hours down, but they were very long.

    At a certain point they blew some dynamite. You don’t hear the explosion but feel it as a punch in your stomach. Then the air gets filled with sulfur and I only wanted to get out.

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