Arrived in La Paz. Diploma, II .

January 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Welcome back to my next bolivian adventure! I arrived 2 days ago in La Paz, changing  cold cold Berlin against a well-temperatured, though sometimes rainy Bolivia (it’s summer here which equals raining season) .  Tonight I’ll take the night bus to Uyuni, from where I’ll again explore the salt flat area of the Salar de Uyuni for the next days and weeks. I’ll stay in Bolivia until the end of January. Probably I’ll not travel through the country a lot, but will focus on the salt lake itself and the lithium production there. At the pilot plant which I already visited in September, construction works have advanced and there is more to see now, that’s why I’ll head back there as well. We’ll see where my camera leads me.
Anyways, this is how La Paz welcomed me. With sun shine, yes!

Walking through La Paz today and yesterday, christmas time was still very present as the following pictures show.

For some reason I’m always curious to see if it’s possible to get to the roof platform of a highraiser. Normally access is not possible, but with this building (had an appointment there earlier) it was no problem. Had a great view on La Paz and discovered this ruin-style (this is one of the more modern buildings in La Paz) top floor of the building which has all around panorama windows. I like places like that. In the middle of the city, but so lonely as well.

That afternoon I also met this young man here. Carlos, 85 years old. That’s what I miss in Germany: good looking man with suits.


§ 2 Responses to Arrived in La Paz. Diploma, II .

  • patricia fleri says:

    thanx for commenting on bruce wrighton’s work. he did love auguste sander, as did diane arbus. i’d be happy to give you a print of his work as a gift. i was married to bruce and have a small collection of his prints. please let me know which of the prints you’d like. bruce would be pleased. patricia

    • Daniel Hofer says:

      Hey Patricia, thanks for this great offer! Can´t believe it, that´s so great!
      Internet connections here are so bad, will contact you when that’s better. Will be in NYC Jan 30th -Feb 4th.
      Saludos from Bolivia!

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