February March Update

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hey everybody!

6 weeks ago I came back from Bolivia, and since then a bunch of things have happened. First of all, I had to work quite a bit to refill may rather empty bank account. 93 rolls of exposed film got developed, and I then printed contact sheets and scanned a wide edit and quickly printed the pictures as small 13*18 cm (5*7 ”) copies.

Another thing that kept me busy was moving into my new office/studio in Berlin Neukölln. It’s a wonderful big space that I’m sharing with 6 other creative guys from various backgrounds (architecture, fashion design, graphic design, copywriter, art). So until July when I’ll have my thesis show in Dortmund I will probably spend quite some time here!

Here are some pictures of the space and some snapshots of the long-lasting editing process.

2 more pictures from a december visit in the office. Ice ice baby! And lots of snow on our wonderful huge terrace.

At the moment and that’s not going to change within the next weeks, I’m working on the edit and doing post production on the high-res scans (which means color corrections, cleaning the files of dust etc.). I also began to do some first layouts and think about how the book should look like, especially in terms of format and size but also in terms of the concept / sequencing the photographs. Another thing I’m about to start with is learning how to build wooden frames for my exhibition (there is a workshop connected to the office/studio space which I can use). As one always needs frames for exhibitions etc. I thought that this is a good moment to start making them myself! (Though not quite sure if that’s gonna be succesful. We’ll see.)

Ohh and I forgot: flare magazin (flaremag.de / flaremag.com) selected the “top ten german photographers under 30 years“, and I was fortunate enough to be among them, next to guys like Julian Röder whose work I really like! See the post here.


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