June Update. Prepping the show, printing the book!

June 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

© Daniel Hofer 2011

Hey all, after some hard weeks of work I’m finally almost done! I’m still preparing the small exhibition that will take place in Dortmund next week (details here: “Schauraum“), but the book (actually in a pototype edition of 2) is already printed and bound!

But first, let me give you an update on what happened in June…

Basically, everything happened at the same time…Speaking with the printer, the bookbinder, the framebuilder, the guys who mount the pictures, and… somehow trying to make at least some money.

Here is a proof I made with Kreuberg based printer’s shop Ausdruck,  to find out how the pictures look like on the paper stock I’ve choosen. Luckily, I didn’t have to make major adjustments on my files so printing was surprisingly easy.

More test prints and proofs were made for the upcoming exhibtion prints I’ll produce this week.

The night before I had to bring the files to the printer I still had so much stuff to do…The last days before deadlines are always stressful, aren’t they? I finally decided that the title of the project should be simply “Salar”. The next picture shows how Jonas Holthaus (who helped me with the design of the book – Thanks again, Jonas!!) and me try to find an interesting typeface for the front cover.

We did a bunch of variations, but in the end we decided to just print “SALAR” on the cover and not use a photograph. After almost one year of work and 10 weeks in Bolivia, we I finished the book last Wednesday and today I finally picked up the final book!

Unfortunately, that would not mean that I’m really done now. Some time ago I’ve started to think about the final thesis show and I made some tests concerning the size of the frames etc. The next pictures give an idea of that process.

Afterwards, I had a better idea on the sizes I would like to produce, so I made test prints, bought plexiglass and transported everything via train to Düsseldorf where a good friend who is a carpenter helped me to build 1 frame per size as a “dummy”.

As the whole school will be full with graphic & fotodesign diplomas next weekend, each student will only have some meters of wall to show his work. Thus, I will only be able to show a few pictures – but the book will be shown too , so if you are around stop by in Dortmund and you’ll see plenty of good photography!

FH Dortmund Thesis Show (Diplomausstellung), Design Department


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