The last steps… Framing!

July 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last week I spent producing large format prints and frames. It takes a lot of time to make such wooden frames but I also felt very satisfied after I had polished and painted them for hours. In photography as much as in so many other industries and arts nowadays everything has become so digital, computer-based, that one hardly ever produces something with his own hands. A great deal of my time is spent clicking a mouse. And clicking a mouse. And moving a pen on my Wacom board without writing something, but moving colored pixel. So it was really fun to built the frames myself. And regarding the fact that it was the first time I did so, they turned out really really well! Thank you to my great friend Stefan Pastohr who let me use his workshop and helped me a lot on my frame adventure (you need beautiful wooden furniture or anything else for your company or house that includes wood? Contact me and & give him a call!) !

Below find a bunch of impressions from the last week and today, when I finished framing by turning my parents living room into my temporary workspace… So basically I’m DONE so far, my final diploma presentation will be held the day after tomorrow and from Friday-Sunday there will be a big show with all diplomas in Dortmund, including a party, film presentations, live music and more. Come over and check it out!

All details again here:


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