In 2010/2011, Berlin based photographer Daniel Hofer will photograph his thesis project in Bolivia. The project will be about todays life in Bolivia with a focus on raw material deposits, especially extensive Lithium resources at a Salt Desert called Salar de Uyuni, situated in the Andes at an altitude of appr. 3600 meters. For some more background information, please click here.

Via this frequently updated blog you can follow the project from the very first photographs, polaroids and snapshots until the final exhibition in summer 2011.

Please note that the photographs I use in this blog are mere digital snapshots or quickly made polaroids, in order to illustrate the posts and to give an idea of my work. I do use 6×7 medium format cameras and shoot film, hence the final results of this project will be published later.

The first journey to Bolivia takes place in September / October 2010, a second trip, depending on the results of the first trip and on how the project developes, is planned for early 2011.


If you if any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment the posts (that´s easy!) or email him:
daniel at danielhofer.com

Xing Profile here. 

The archive of Daniel’s  recent work can be found here.

There is also a project site on Facebook, please click here to get there (you don´t have to be a Facekook Member to see it !).

Over the last 2 years, Daniel has also written a blog on various aspects of photography and art, called “Daniel on photography”.

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