When I decided to travel to Bolivia and making the salt lake and it’s Lithium resources to be the topic of my thesis, I tried to figure out how I could finance the whole project. Inspired by dutch photographer / book maker Rob Hornstra who in the last years self-published several books after “collecting” donations from his family and friends, I thought that a similar thing might be possible for my Bolivia project, too.

I set up an edition of my last series which I called “BIG L Edition” and when people donate at least 50 Euros (students 25 Euros, shipping incl. ), they receive a beautiful 8×10 print. All available prints and more information can still be found here, though the text is in german only.

The “BIG L Edition” will be available until my thesis show in July 2011. So if you would like to donate now or later and choose a print of your choice, just email me: daniel at danielhofer dot com .

Until now, the following people supported my project by either donating or helping me in any other way.

Thank you so much – YOU made it possible!

Thorsten kleine Holthaus
Dirk Rosenbaum
Prof. Xuyem Dam
Christoph Krey
Stefan Hirsch
Anja Schürmann
Theo & Christiane Segger
Katja Zepezauer
Alfredo Narvaez Medecigo
Family Joerg Zeppen
Ulrich & Katharina Blank
Friedhelm Hilgers
Daniel Drissen
Michael Schönstein
Simon Straßburger
Tilman Strauß
Steffen & Audrey Weber
Adele Kohout
André Weßling
Bruno Trematore
Damian Zimmermann
Jenny Dördelmann & family
Sarah-Joan Fuld
Stephan Eyl
Roland Engels
Family Lucia Gartz
Sven Breidenbach
Peter & Lisa Delling
Axel Hundertmark
Markus Neuhausen
Thomas Brandt
Peter & Johanna Sliwka
Dominik Reipen
Jan Goetz
Sebastian & Corinna Hilgers
Mark Hermenau
Alex Kitching
Tim Nover
Alexandra Damm
Laura Droße & Christoph Wilde
Stella Korbmacher
Roland Krueppel
Magnus Heuer



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